• Development of compact anti-coincidence shield thin-walled HgI2 to enhance the quality of gamma-ray spectra by rejecting signals due to high energy charged particles of Galactic origin
  • Improvement of the neutron/gamma-ray technique
  • Controling the density of carbon nanotubes deposited perpendicular to the inner surface of telescopes to trap stray photons
  • Introduction of computational methods, molecular dynamics, density functional theory, and tight binding for the analysis of optical spectra of carbon nanotubes
  • Providing the reason why a batch of carbon nanotubes explodes when subjected to flash light based on the thermal instability of iron nanoparticles and prove it using energy filtered transmission electron microscopy
  • Integration of Raman and IR spectroscopy data to determine the chirality distribution in a batch of carbon nanotubes
  • Thermoelectricity to characterize the quality of welding joints of nickel-hydrogen batteries
  • Magneto-acoustic emission technique 


Optical spectroscopy, Neutron/gamma-ray spectroscopy, Numerical simulations based on Density Functional Theory, molecular dynamics